the magician of colors
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Deny CLOUTIER - The Magician of Colors

The Magician of colors Deny Cloutier

Deny Cloutier
The magician of colors

Paintings & Poetry N°1
48 pages color
Cost : 32.35 $ CAD
For Canada - USA
For Europe
38.90$ CAD

This book has a purpose: to give birth to the luminescence of colours with shapes and words.

The pleasures of joining in connection this universe that surrounds us, as well as a living reality. A group of harmonic elements to colour and harmonize together a real world in which we live.

The origin of this book was born from the encounter of love and nature, by expressing a deeply rooted thanks with a colourful inspiration, and in concordance with the discovery of the meaning of freedom that we have in our deep sense of me.

You will delight in reproducing my paintings while savouring the harmonious notes of my poems.


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No painter has been able to delight the record Guiness than Deny Cloutier.

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Deny Cloutier
The Magician of Colors
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The magician of colors
The magician of colours
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