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Books in English

Slow down Perlan
Get to know Perlan, an adorable little fish who can’t seem to stay still for more than two seconds, while getting into all sorts of mischief.
Will Perlan ever learn to stay calm? Will the hideous toad fish, avoided by all, help little Perlan?
Joel is intimadated at school because his father is a seal hunter. The time it takes for his mother and the school director to solve that problem he stays home.
Joel is having a very mysterious dream. He finds himself on a moving floe on the Saint Lawrence River near the Magdelena Islands.
There sits a pretty white baby seal looking for help. Come and follow Joel and his friends on their exciting rescue adventure.

Anastasia is about to start a new career when her first day ends dramatically. Problems piles up and she doesn’t know to get out of them. Luckily, she meets Alex, whom seem to have the answers she needs. But what does she really know about him? Why is he so eager to help her? And what is the R.I.S.C, this organisation that tries to find her? Anna only hope to survive this cruel new world which we propelled her into…

The Magician of colors
This book has a purpose: to give birth to the luminescence of colours with shapes and words.
The pleasures of joining in connection this universe that surrounds us, as well as a living reality. A group of harmonic elements to colour and harmonize together a real world in which we live.
The origin of this book was born from the encounter of love and nature, by expressing a deeply rooted thanks with a colourful inspiration, and in concordance with the discovery of the meaning of freedom that we have in our deep sense of me.
You will delight in reproducing my paintings while savouring the harmonious notes of my poems.